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Sports Infrastructure

Sports infrastructures are accessible to Sports Clubs and colleges. They are found in the following regions:


Rose Hill Region  
(1)  Stadium Location
Sir Gaetan Stadium with Synthetic Track Duncan Taylor St, Rose Hill
Camp Le Vieux NHDC Camp Le Vieux
(2)  Gymnasium  
Quorum Ratsitatane Street, Plaisance Rose Hill
(3)  Football Grounds  
Raffick Nubee Football Ground Ave Berthaud, Stanley
Trèfles Football Ground Cité Trèfles, Rose Hill
Emmanuel Anquetil Football Ground Sister Marie Clemence Street, Rose Hill
Camp Le Vieux Football Ground  NHDC Complex, Camp Le Vieux
(4)  Sand Court Ratsitatane Street Quorum's yard
(5)  Sport Complex  
Trefles Sports Complex Cité Trèfles, Rose Hill
Maryse Justin Sports Complex De Chazal Lane, Plaisance Rose Hill
Henry Buswell Sports Complex Impasse Celestin Rose Hill
Chebel Sport Complex Chebel
(6)  Boulodromes  
 Quorum Boulodrome  Ratsitatane Street, Plaisance, Rose Hill
 Stanley Boulodrome  Avenue Berthaud, Stanley, Rose Hill
 Trèfles Boulodrome  Cité Trèfles, Rose Hill
 Camp Le Vieux Boulodrome  NHDC Complex, Camp Le Vieux
 Beau Bassin Region  
 (1)  Football Grounds  Location
 Nelson mandela Football Ground (Mont Roches)  Verger Bissumbar, Mont Roches
 C. Fanny Football Ground (Barkly)  Cité Barkly, Beau Bassin
 S. Law Kwan Football ground (Chebel)  Cité Chebel, Beau Bassin
 A. Adelaide Football ground (Vuillemin)  Vuillemin St, Beau Bassin
 (2) Sports Complexes  
 Monique Rayeroux Sports complex  De Rosnay Street Beau Bassin
 C. Fanny Sports Complex  Cité Barkly, Beau Bassin
 A. Adelaide Sports Complex  De Pepin St, Vuillein, Beau Bassin
 Mare Gravier Sports Complex  R. Pawar St, Beau Bassin
 Montreal Sports Complex  Montreal Coromandel
 (3)  Boulodromes  
 Vuillemin Boulodrome  Dr Pepin St, Beau Bassin
Chebel Boulodrome  Chebel Road Beau Bassin
 Montreal Boulodrome  Montreal Coromandel
 Barkly Boulodrome  Barkly
 Mare Gravier Boulodrome  R. Oawar Street, Beau Bassin


  • The project of a new sports complex at Stanley (Rose Hill) will soon be materialised. It will comprise of a basket ball and volley-ball court.
Sports Club

There are 100 sports club afiliated to the municipal sports event organised by the council:  Sports Award Competition for Football, handball, basketball,petanque, volleyball, boxing, cycle race, athletism, motor cross, skate board, rallye.


The department is called upon to implement decision of the Council and entertain requests emanating from NGOs, Sports club and Socio Cultural association.


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