As per Section 47 & 48 of the Local Government Act 2011, every local authority shall have an Executive Committee, comprising the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 5 other members of the Council.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the determination of applications for Outline Planning Permissions (OPP) and Building and Land Use Permits and for the approval of the procurement of goods and services subject to the procedures and exceptions laid down in sections 117 and 160 of the Act.

The Members of the Executive Committee are:

  1. FONG SUK KOON, Ken Fat (Mayor)

  2. ANAMALAY Elvanee (Deputy Mayor)

  3. CERVEAUX Jules Alain

  4. CHOOLUN Jai Krishna Vishwanauth

  5. DEWEE Deoraj

  6. JUNGGEE Nazir Mohamad Ameen

  7. KUSHNA Ravidutt Bissoondial

The Members of the Permits and Business Monitoring Committee are:

  1. Mr. Fong Suk Foon (Chairperson)

  2. The Chief Executive (Mr. V Seeparsad)

  3. The Head, Land Use and Planning department (Mr Bangaroo)

  4. The Head, Public Infrastructure Department (Mr Permala)

  5. The Chief Health Inspector (Mrs. Mohungoo)


  1. Mr. Boojhawon

  2. Mr. Choolun

  3. Mr. Hungley

  4. Mr. Ramjee