The duties of the Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill are threefold:-

1. Legislative function.
2. Control function.
3. Service function.

  • Legislative function.

The Municipal Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill is empowered to make regulations under the Local Government Act for the proper functioning of the township on such areas as Public Health, control of fairs, street naming etc.

  • Control function

To ensure that Laws are obeyed in the town area and to exercise control, the Municipal Council has its own officers in the grades of Engineers, Works Inspectors, and Health Inspectors.

Those officers ensure that the living environment of the Citizens are in conformity with the established Regulations.

  • Service function

The greatest proportion of the work of the Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill relates to the provision of services to the public.

These services which tend to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural well being of the community are summarized as follows :

(i) Ensuring compliance with the Public Health Regulation by controlling commercial, industrial premises, control of pollution, licensing regulation and control of the conduct of business activities, detection and abatement of nuisances, providing regular scavenging service, regulating Public Market & Fairs and ensure compliance with the Food Act,
(ii) Cleaning, lighting of motorways, main roads and public roads, cleaning of drains and pavement, bridges, beds and bank of rivers, lakes, streams, squares, open spaces, parks, gardens, bus shelters and lavatories,
(iii) Construction and Management of Nurseries for infants and pre-primary schools
(iv) the undertaking of landscaping works and tree planting along public roads.
(iv) Providing recreational facilities such as public parks, garden, open spaces, green spaces, libraries, museums, art galleries, playing fields, and places of public entertainment.
(vi) The promotion of sports development and the organizations of sports activities, provision of infrastructure for and the organization of leisure, welfare and cultural activities.