PROJECTS 2020 – 2021
 No  Description  Status as at 24.02 Photo
Construction of RC Incinerator Building at Camp Levieux  Completed
2 Construction of retaining wall and cut-off drain at rear of RC Incinerator building at Camp Levieux Works in progress – 15% completed
3 Construction of a Preprimary School and a Kindergarten at De Plevitz Completed
4 Construction of a Multi-Purpose Complex at Camp Levieux (Geranium) Works in progress – 85% completed
5 Supply and laying of synthetic grass and construction of tiers at Law Kwan, Chebel Football playground Completed
6 Construction of Mini Soccer Pitch with Provisional Lighting and Parking Space and Construction of Children Playground at Plaisance, Rose Hill Completed
7 Upgrading of Plaza yard including lighting effects Completed
8 Installation of an outdoor color electronic led display board Completed
9 Renovation of Plaza Theatre Phase III at Rose Hill Bid evaluation in progress at CPB
10 Landslide Management works at Morcellement Hermitage Bid launched