The most important function of the Council is to offer services that demands proximity with the citizens. This is one of the very raison-d’être of local authorities. The Municipal Council of Beau Bassin Rose Hill spend about 31% of its budget i.e. an amount of about Rs 69 millions yearly on providing an array of services to residents of the township.

Hereunder a list of the main services provided by this council.

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Abatement of Nuisances

The Health Department has to ensure a safe and hygienic environment. Members of public facing sanitary nuisances may call out at the Health Department to report same. Appropriate actions by the Department would follow.





There is no cemetery under the responsibility of the Municipal Council of Beau Bassin Rose Hill.




There are two traditional wood pyre crematoriums at Avenue Cretin Camp Le Vieux and at Chebel respectively.



There is one gas Incinerator at Chebel.  



Procedure for effecting cremation/Incineration:

  • Applicant must proceed to the Sanitary Authority (Ministry of Health & Quality of Life) to obtain a cremation permit


  • Applicant, accompanied by a witness must then proceed :
  • on weekdays to the Public Health office of the Municipal Council Of Beau Bassin Rose Hill (09:00-15:30)

                       Phone Number: 4137600 (Public Health Department)

  • On Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and after office hours, applicant must call at
  • Beau Bassin Market (Inspector’s Office) for necessary formalities for Chebel Crematorium/Incinerator
  • Rose Hill Market (Inspector’s Office) for necessary formalities for Camp Le Vieux Cremation Ground

                       Phone Number: (Beau Bassin Market) 4548802          (Rose Hill Market) 4642745


Documents needed:

  1. Copy of I.D. card of applicant
  2. Copy of I.D card of a witness
  3. Cremation Permit from Sanitary Authority.
  4. Copy of Death Certificate


The following fees are applicable for Incineration at Chebel Incinerator are:

(a) with coffin Rs3,000/

(b) without coffin Rs2,000/


The management of cremation ground is regulated by The Chebel Crematorium Regulation 2015.





 Day Care Centre

The Council operates a Day Care Centre at Chebel. The centre caters for infants (from truly poor families) aged between 3 months to 3 years. It is managed by a matron and supported by an assistant.

Admission to the centre is through application at the Welfare Department and the following criteria are applicable

• Age of infant : 3 months to 3 years
• Address : resident of the township
• Others : – Hardship Cases
-Low income group


The Council is responsible for the construction, care and maintenance of roadside drains. The Council may receive applications for the construction of new drains or unblocking of obstructed drain in flood prone areas.


The Council operates 9 Pre-primary schools. Each year, in October / November, the Council advertises to recruit infant coming from the less privileged stratum of the township.

The main criteria for eligibility are:

(a) Age : the child should be at least three years old;
(b) Address : should be a resident of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill township;
(c) Priorities :
(i) orphans;
(ii) children from broken families;
(iii) hardship cases;
(iv) those on waiting list of the Welfare Department
(d) Others : Seats shall be allocated on a first called first served basis.

Fairs and Markets

The Council is responsible to operate public fairs and markets and to upkeep them.

Green Spaces

The Council has created several green spaces and has to look after the upkeep of those places.

List of green spaces:

Viewpoint Cascadelle
J Freddy Appasamy family corner & Venkatasamy family coner
Promenade S Bharati (Ex Rte Prison)
Boulevard – Colonel Maingard / Barkly
J Cylandrie family corner
Willy Babet family corner
Barkly family corner (Ex Railway Track)
Barkly grotto
Chebel family corner along Chebel Branch Road, Chebel near kiosk, Chebel family corner football ground
Jogging Track Roches Brunes
Vuillemin family corner adjacent to football ground (Ave Palmier)
Vuillemin family corner Mare Gravier
Promenade Roland Armand
Fareed Muttur Square
Père Avrillon Square
Trèfles Grotto – Stanley grotto
Bradshaw family corner
F Nubee family corner
Cocotiers, Tamariniers, Mozart family corner
Village de la Montagne (Cretin Avenue)


Lease of Infrastructure

The Council may put at the disposal of registered Associations of the township its infrastructures such as Eddy Norton I & II Hall, Social Centres, etc.upon applications from interested parties for organisation of activities such as talks, debates on Health Education, Road Safety, etc.

Interested groups/people should call at the Welfare Department.



The Council organizes a series of leisure activities on a regular basis, such as :

(i) Chasse aux Trésors;
(ii) Offer courses on Yoga, Karate, Aerobic, etc.;
(iii) Outings for preprimary children, senior citizens and women’s  organisations; and
(iv) Organisation of Chess and Scrabble tournament.

Interested participants are requested to contact the Welfare Department.



Permits and Licences

The Council is the authority to issue building Development Permits and Trade Licences.

Prior to the start of any commercial activity, citizens have to apply for a Development Permit at the Planning Department.

After obtention of development permits, applicants have to apply for a Trade Licence at the Health Department.

download application forms

Prior to the construction of any building, citizens have to apply for a Building Permit at the Planning Department.

download application forms


Refuse Collection Service

The Council ensures a regular service to all commercial and residential complexes. Moreover, service is made available to members of public upon prior requests on the occasion of special events such as religious celebrations, weddings, etc…

Applicants for such services should call at the Health Department.



The Council processes applications for creation of public roads. It is also responsible for maintaining non-classified roads (tarring, patching, etc.)
The Council will also entertain applications by groups of citizens regarding the naming of roads and fixing of nameplates.

Moreover, the Council also processes applications from members of public for partial and total closure of roads subject to payment of appropriate fees and authorisation from authorities concerned (Police & N.T.A)


Socio cultural activities

The Council organises on a regular basis socio-cultural activities across the township.Examples are:

Fête de la Musique;
Shows on occasions of Divali;
Christmas Carol;
Talk / debates on various themes;
Literary activities;
Exhibitions; and Offer of lunch to senior citizens.

These activities are advertised to solicit attendance of members of the public.

The Council also provides assistance to charitable and religious institutions of the township to facilitate organisation of their respective activities. For instance, during Cavadee, Ramadhan, Père Laval Pilgrimage, Maha Shivaratree, Ganesh Chaturti, etc.

Sports Activities

The Council offers use of Sports infrastructures to Clubs affiliated with it. Affiliated Clubs are indeed required to apply to the “Comité D’Animation Sportive” of their respective locality to be eligible to use those infrastructure as listed below:


  • Rose Hill Region:


E. Anquetil Stadium



Football Grounds

Rafick Nubee
Camp Levieux Football Ground
Trèfles Football Ground


Maryse Justin
Henry Buswell


  • Beau Bassin Region:

Football Grounds

N. Mandela
C. Fanny
S. Law Kwan
A. Adelaide

Sport Complexes

M. Rayeroux
C. Fanny
A. Adelaide
M. Gravier


M. Gravier

The Council also organises Sport activities in following fields:

Body Building
Sport (Mechanics) e.g: Motocross, Carting, etc

Street Lighting

The Council is responsible to provide street lighting. Public should notify the Council about any defective street lights and apply for provisions of street lighting where they consider appropriate.