Headed by the Chief Executive and Assisted by his Deputy and the Assistants, this Department is responsible for the Management and administration of the day to day affairs of the Council

Among others, the Department is also responsible for:

  • Implementing Local Government policies, goals and objectives.
  • Implementing Local Government legislations and other relevant Legislations
  • Initiating and implementing programmes aiming at enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Council.
  • Advising the Council in policy matters.

Under the Aegis of this Department the Council of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill has :

Human Resource Management Section

Headed by the Human Resource Management Officer and assisted by a Senior Human Resource Officer and other clerical staff.  It deals with the follows:

  • Appointment & Promotion, Retirement & Pensions and application of conditions of service.
  • Monitoring leaves & attendances, passage benefits, car loans, travelling allowances.
  • Dealing with Industrial matters and discipline of staff.
  • Management of occupational, health, safety and welfare of employees.
  • Issue, control and care of uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Human Resources Planning career development & Training of employees in line with the Council’s objectives & requirements.

A Committee Section

Headed by a Senior Committee Clerk and assisted by three Committee Clerks this section is responsible for :

  • Recording of all minutes of proceedings of Committees
  • Establishing calendar for meetings.
  • Circulating the minutes of proceedings among staff and councillors.
  • Ensuring timely dispatching of all notice of meetings etc.

The Municipal Library




Created in 1946, the library was located on the left wing of the old administration building, constituting of the Town Hall, before moving into a new concrete building in 1964, the present municipal administration bloc.  The library was first the depository of the British Council.


The library was named Olof Palme in March 1986 in memory of the Swedish politician who was assassinated on 28 February 1986.  He was, among others, remembered for his engagement for the liberation of the oppressed people in the 3rd world countries.


The library is the unique Municipal Public Library in Mauritius which is ISO certified by Mauritius Standard Bureau.  In quest for excellence, the library is continuously working towards upgrading and providing better quality service to meet the new and emerging needs of its users.  The library provides a range of services namely; Lending, Reference, Children’s section, Local history, newspapers, Cyber-Café, branch libraries, photocopy and book reservation.  Internet access is free and wifi facilities are available in the main library as well as in branch libraries.


Since December 2011, membership is free to the residents of Beau Bassin Rose Hill.


The aim of the library is to provide a library service that caters for educational, cultural, leisure and information needs of the different components of the community.  Since 2011 the library is regularly organising literary activities such as Quiz, ‘Des Chiffres et Des Lettres’, ‘Dictée’, ‘Reading Aloud’ for primary and secondary students.


The library underwent continuous development since its creation.  In 1984 the children section was created followed by a complete renovation of the library.  In 1995 the Cyber Café and Audiovisual services were launched but the latter was discontinued in 2010.  In line with the decision of the Council to decentralize the library services, the branch library project has been developed in remote regions of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill.  The most recent branch library, Roland Moothoo, was inaugurated on 18 April 2015.  There are some 10 branch libraries which are located in Maingard, Camp Le Vieux, Mare Gravier, Chebel,Plaisance, Trèfles, Mont Roches, Stanley and Les Chebecs.  

Main services offered by Olof Palme Library:

 1.      Lending services (Books and magazines for adult and children)

 2.      Reference services

 3.      Cyber-café

 4.      Photocopy service

 5.      Reading corner

 6.      Free wifi facilities

 7.      Book renewal by phone (4542181-Direct line, 4549500) or by email on mbbrhmunlib@gmail.com or on website www.bbrh.org

 8.      Book reservation


With the new Local Government Act of 2011, membership to the library (Lending service) is free to the residents of Beau Bassin Rose Hill only.  The library holds a collection of more than 50 000 books and subscribes to some 32 titles of magazines.


An annual input of more than 2800 books and magazines enriches the library collection.  More than 120 new books are displayed monthly before they are released whilst latest magazines issues are put on shelves on a weekly basis.  For further details on new books, please consult the Municipal website on www.bbrh.org


Presently the library has embarked on a new project and has initiated and organised library activities (such as reading aloud, initiation to reading, quiz, etc.) in remote regions of Beau Bassin/Rose Hill to market the library services and to promote and develop reading culture among children.


Borrower and circulation information:


How to join the library

§  Filling of an application form in person at the Olof Palme Municipal Library


 Download the application form from www.bbrh.org, fill it out and bring it to the main library.

§  Documents to produce:

i.            N.I.D card of applicant (18 years old and above)

ii.            Birth Certificate (applicant<18 years old)

iii.            N.I.D card of parent for applicant<18 years old

iv.            1 Passport size photograph of applicant

v.            Valid proof of address e.g. CEB or CWA or Mauritius Telecom bills (Latest) of applicant and guarantor

vi.            Photocopy of N.I.D card of guarantor


 §  Membership to the library is open to the citizens of Mauritius.

 §  Membership is free to the residents of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill and staff of the Council.

 §  For Non-Residents of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill, a deposit (Rs 100) and an annual membership fee of Rs 100 are payable irrespectives of the types of membership (Adult or Junior)

 §  Membership is not transferable.


Lending Limitations


Adult Section: A borrower may take up to four (4) items (books or magazines etc) simultaneously for a period of one month.


Junior Section: A borrower is authorised to borrow a maximum of two (2) items (books or magazines) for a period of one month


Overdue Fines

 §  Rs 5 per week is charged for any library material kept beyond one month.

 §  For fines accrued in one’s account for more than 30 days, no borrowing may be allowed.

 §  Failure to receive reminder from the library will not excuse borrower from late charges.

 §  Reminder may be sent either by email or post or else as may be decided by the library.



 §  Patrons may renew materials either by phone or call in person, provided that the materials have not been reserved or are not on the reservation list.

 §  Renewal of the same item cannot be effected for more than thrice.

 §  Item on Reservation list cannot be renewed.



 §  A user may place on reservation only item on loan.

 §  When a reserved item is available, the patron will be informed accordingly to pick up the item within 10 days from the date he/she has been informed.

 §  Reserved item can be checked out only by the patron who placed the reservation.

 §  Any reserved item not collected within the allocated time will be either passed on to the next patron on the reservation list or put in circulation.


 §  Price charged per page : Rs 2

 §  Only photocopy from library resources will be done and in conformity with the existing Copyright Act.



 A.    Summer Time : Weekdays from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (November to April)

 B.     Winter Time : The Library will close half an hour earlier during weekdays (i.e.)

 5 p.m. instead of 5.30 p.m. (May to October)


(Please note that opening hours may be subject to change)


Main Library-Olof Palme



Opening Hours

Adult/Children/Reading Area/Cybercafé



Reference Section-Eddy Norton Hall (Temporarily)


Eddy Norton Hall

Opening hours

1st floor, Arcades Sunnassee, R.Hill

Weekdays :  9.00-17.30


Saturdays :  closed


List of Branch library and Mini Libraries:



Sub/Mini Libraries

Opening hours


Maingard Sub Library

Marie Michel Utile Centre

Cr Maingard/Pope Hennessy St

Beau Bassin

Weekdays : 12.00-17.30 (Except on Wednesdays)

School holidays :

Weekdays : 9.00-12.00 ; 13.00-16.00

Saturdays : 9.00-12.00


Mare Gravier Mini Library

Hossenally Street, Mare Gravier, Beau Bassin

Weekdays : 14.30-17.30 (Except on Tuesdays)

Saturdays : 13.00-16.00


Trèfles Mini Library

J. Rougeot Polyvalent Centre

Dr Ferriere St., Trefles, R.Hill

Weekdays : 14.30-17.30 (Except on Fridays)

Saturdays : 13.00-16.00


Camp Levieux Mini Library

Ave. Crétin, Camp Levieux, R.Hill

Weekdays : (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 14.30-17.30

Saturdays : 13.00-16.00


Stanley Mini Library

Berthaud St., Stanley, R.Hill

Weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) : 15.00-17.30

Saturdays : Closed


Roland Moothoo Library

Mozart Lane, Trefles

Weekdays (Monday & Thursday) : 15.00-17.30

Saturdays : 13.00-16.00


Chebel Mini Library

Mere Thérésa Social Hall

Chebel Branch Road, B. Bassin

Weekdays (Tuesday & Thursday) : 14.30 – 17.30

Saturdays : 13.00 -16.00


Les Chebecs Mini Library

Sir Gaetan Duval Municipal Centre

Weekdays ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday) : 14.30-17.30

Saturdays : Closed


Mont Roches Mini Library

Raymond Rivet St, Mt. Roches

Weekdays ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday) : 15.00-17.30

Saturdays : Closed


Plaisance Mini Library

Emile Duvivier Social Hall

Sister Marie Clemence, Plaisance

Weekdays (Tuesday & Thursday) : 14.30-17.30

Saturdays : 13.00 -16.00


Contact Us :




Direct line: 4542181/4549500 (Ext. 164)


Fax : 4549509


Email Address : mbbrhmunlib@gmail.com