With a staff of 350 employees which includes 2 Principal Health Inspectors, 3 Senior Health Inspector, 16 Health and Market Inspectors, 2 Overseers, 30 Drivers/Scavenging Supervisors, 235 Refuse Collectors, 5 Watchmen, 1 Office Attendant, 4 Clerical and Word Processor, 48 General Workers, 6 Chemical Sprayers. The department is responsible for the following:

a. The proper running of the scavenging service throughout the town, including the weeding of street borders and herbicide spraying.

b. The Rose Hill and Beau Bassin markets, Arab Town, D.A.Patten Fair and Plaisance Fair.

c. Collection of fees concerning all economic operators in the town.

d. Issue of new licences and renewal of existing ones.

e. Survey and collection of all publicity and advertisement fees within the municipal area.

f. Inspection of all commercial buildings and private premises of the town.

g. Routine inspections for detection of nuisances such as overgrown waste lands, deposit of refuse on street borders,

bushy hedges

h. Control of hawkers in the town.

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A     Refuse Collection

For the purpose of refuse collection, the town is divided into 27 sections each providing a weekly service to residential premises and a daily service to commercial premises. In the commercial centre of the town, a thrice daily service is being provided.

A lorry service is provided against payment of a fee of Rs 200 per trip for collection of bulky waste/ green waste.

Requests for emergency of refuse, due to funeral, etc. and of dead animal are entertained by the Health Department. Call on hotline 4640527 between 07.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs.

B     Markets and Fairs

The cleaning of Rose Hill and Beau Bassin markets and Plaisance and Barkly Fairs is being done by 15 cleaners.


C      Licences New and Renewal

Any person wishing to obtain an authorisation to trade has to meet a number of requirements. Renewal of Trade fee is effected only after approval by the Sanitary Authority i.e the Ministry of Health.

D     Survey and Collection of Advertisement and Publicity Fees

An annual fee is being claimed on each publicity panel advertised within the limits of the Town. The fees vary according to the dimensions of the panel.  Any person/firm wishing to display advertising in the town have to apply to the Municipal Council beforehand stating all particulars.

Municipal Inspectors have to go along all streets of the town in order to identify and measure each panel. The figures are then complied and worked out and the fees due are claimed to the person or the firm representing the trade market.


F     Routine Inspections for detection of nuisances

Private premises are also inspected and request notices issued whenever such nuisances as branches projecting on street border, deposit of refuse on street border, absorption pits defective etcÂ… are detected. Request notices are also issued upon owners whose wastelands are overgrown with rank and noxious vegetation. Wasteland are governed by the Beau Bassin Rose Hill Disposal of Refuse Regulations 1996 as amended by GN 54 of 2001 which provided that:

(i) Any person failing to clean and clear a wasteland shall be liable to a fine not exceeding Rs20,000.

(ii) The owner of any bare land/wasteland shall submit to the Council a declaration confirming the ownership of the land and shall keep the Council informed of all changes in such ownership within one month of the charge, failing which the said owner shall be liable on conviction to a fine of Rs20,000.

        G     Control of Hawkers

No hawkers are allowed to trade in the town centre. Municipal Inspectors accompanied by Rose Hill Police Officers effect daily control.



Municipality of Beau Bassin Rose Hill

Royal Road Rose Hill

Tel Lines: 4549500 8 lines


Chief Health Inspector

Tel: 4549500

Hotline Health Department


Market Rose Hill

Tel: 4642745

Beau Bassin Market

Tel: 4548802


Senior Staff Members

Chief Health Inspector

Mr Kailash S. Bagoban

Principal Health Inspectors

Mr. Luckheeram Mahadoowa


Mr. Satish K. Mulloo

Senior Health Inspector

Mr Ajay Domun

Mr Chandrasekar Seetohul


Mr Bojnath Ramchurun