The Welfare Department has under its jurisdiction the following statutory duties to conduct:-

1.  Provision of Pre-Primary Education, Adult Education and Day Care Centre
2.  Organisation of sports, welfare and cultural activities for the youth, women, the elderly and the
     general public.
3.  Management of municipal centres and provision of social halls for meetings, seminars and receptions.
4.  Management of sports infrastructures.
5.  Provision for socio-religious activities.
6.  Promotion of Arts and Culture.
7.  Cater for the handicapped, the deaf, the dumb, Mental Disorders Associations and other     
     NGO’s fighting   against Aids, alcohol, poverty and prostitution.
8.  Cater for Victims of Fire and natural disaster and provision for cyclone refugee centres.



 The staff comprises of the Chief Welfare Officer, the Principal Welfare Officer, the Senior Welfare Officer, three Welfare Officers, one Word Processing Operator, two Clerks, one Senior Clerk and a Supervisor of Infant schools:

Pre-Primary Education

The nine of Municipal Pre-Primary Schools are located in the following areas:-

  1. Plaisance
  2. Trèfles
  3. Stanley
  4. Camp Levieux
  5. Monique Rayeroux
  6. Mare Gravier
  7. Barkly
  8. Chebel
  9. Alex Vellin.

The Pre-primary schools have modern equipment with a qualified staff of some 30 teachers. Education is free. Actually some 400 children attend these schools.  Children whose parents are of a low income group are given preference for admission.

Day care centre

The Department runs a Day Care Centre at Chebel. Twenty babies 0-3 years attend the Day Care Centre which is also free.

Sponsorship for Handicapped Children

The Council sponsors two schools of APEIM for the rehabilitation of handicapped children of the township,  located at Pierre Renaud Government School and Vuillemin Municipal Centre.

Promotion of Art and Culture

  • The “Conservatoire National de Musique François Mitterand” with the collaboration of the Council is running music classes at Alex Vellin Centre (Royal Road, Beau Bassin).
  • The “Ecole de Sculpture” is also operational at Alex Vellin Centre.  Some 50 students are following this course.

Classes are free to the youth and citizens of the township.

Youth Empowerment

The Council has signed an agreement with the Youth Empowerment International (Mauritius). This organisation is conducting free tuition to college students from IV to upper six.

Classes are conducted at the Eddy Norton Hall (Rose Hill) from Mondays to Fridays, form 15.00 to 17.30 hrs: Subjects taught are as follows: English and French languages, Mathematics, Accounts, Economics, General Paper, etc..


Free yoga and aerobic classes are conducted for both male and female citizens of our town.  There are also special aerobic classes for the senior citizens of the township.



Sports Infrastructure

Sports infrastructures are accessible to Sports Clubs and colleges. They are found in the following regions:


Rose Hill Region  
(1)  Stadium Location
Sir Gaetan Stadium with Synthetic Track Duncan Taylor St, Rose Hill
Camp Le Vieux NHDC Camp Le Vieux
(2)  Gymnasium  
Quorum Ratsitatane Street, Plaisance Rose Hill
(3)  Football Grounds  
Raffick Nubee Football Ground Ave Berthaud, Stanley
Trèfles Football Ground Cité Trèfles, Rose Hill
Emmanuel Anquetil Football Ground Sister Marie Clemence Street, Rose Hill
Camp Le Vieux Football Ground  NHDC Complex, Camp Le Vieux
(4)  Sand Court Ratsitatane Street Quorum’s yard
(5)  Sport Complex  
Trefles Sports Complex Cité Trèfles, Rose Hill
Maryse Justin Sports Complex De Chazal Lane, Plaisance Rose Hill
Henry Buswell Sports Complex Impasse Celestin Rose Hill
Chebel Sport Complex Chebel
(6)  Boulodromes  
 Quorum Boulodrome  Ratsitatane Street, Plaisance, Rose Hill
 Stanley Boulodrome  Avenue Berthaud, Stanley, Rose Hill
 Trèfles Boulodrome  Cité Trèfles, Rose Hill
 Camp Le Vieux Boulodrome  NHDC Complex, Camp Le Vieux
 Beau Bassin Region  
 (1)  Football Grounds  Location
 Nelson mandela Football Ground (Mont Roches)  Verger Bissumbar, Mont Roches
 C. Fanny Football Ground (Barkly)  Cité Barkly, Beau Bassin
 S. Law Kwan Football ground (Chebel)  Cité Chebel, Beau Bassin
 A. Adelaide Football ground (Vuillemin)  Vuillemin St, Beau Bassin
 (2) Sports Complexes  
 Monique Rayeroux Sports complex  De Rosnay Street Beau Bassin
 C. Fanny Sports Complex  Cité Barkly, Beau Bassin
 A. Adelaide Sports Complex  De Pepin St, Vuillein, Beau Bassin
 Mare Gravier Sports Complex  R. Pawar St, Beau Bassin
 Montreal Sports Complex  Montreal Coromandel
 (3)  Boulodromes  
 Vuillemin Boulodrome  Dr Pepin St, Beau Bassin
Chebel Boulodrome  Chebel Road Beau Bassin
 Montreal Boulodrome  Montreal Coromandel
 Barkly Boulodrome  Barkly
 Mare Gravier Boulodrome  R. Oawar Street, Beau Bassin



  • The project of a new sports complex at Stanley (Rose Hill) will soon be materialised. It will comprise of a basket ball and volley-ball court.

Sports Club

There are 100 sports club afiliated to the municipal sports event organised by the council:  Sports Award Competition for Football, handball, basketball,petanque, volleyball, boxing, cycle race, athletism, motor cross, skate board, rallye.


The department is called upon to implement decision of the Council and entertain requests emanating from NGOs, Sports club and Socio Cultural association.


Municipal Centre

The Municipal Centres are opened to clubs/Associations/N.G.O’s for holding meetings, running adult education classes, and leisure activities. Hereunder are the list of the Centres.



1 Jacques Rougeot Polyvalent centre Dr Ferriere Street Trefles Rose Hill
2 Stanley Social Hall Berthaud Street, Stanley, Rose Hill
3 Camp Le Vieux Social Hall Ave. Cretin, Camp Le Vieux, Rose Hill
4 Plaisance Social  Hall Marie Sister Clémence St, Plaisance Rose Hill
5 Monique Rayeroux De Rosnay Street Beau Bassin
6 Roches Brunes  Social Hall Cnr Dr Remy Boyer de la Giroday, Roches Brunes
7 Centre de l’Unité NHDC La Concorde, Rose Hill  
8 Mare Gravier Hosenally Street, Mare Gravier Beau Bassin
9 Herve Duval Municipal Centre Beau Bassin
10 Vuilleim Social Hall Vuillemin Street, Beau Bassin
11 Chebel Social Hall Richelieu Branch Road, Beau Bassin
12 Belle Etoile Raman Maharshi Street, Belle Etoile
13 Marie Michele Utile Social Hall Cnr Pope Henessy & C. Maingard St, Beau Bassin
14 Eddy Norton I & II Arcade Sunassee, Rose Hill
15 Allex vellin Centre Royal Road Beau Bassin


Senior Citizens and Womens’ welfare

Some sixty five Senior Citizens Clubs are grouped under the umbrella of the Federation of Senior Citizens of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill. On the other hand, some twenty-five Women’s Association are grouped in a Federation: “L’Union des Femmes des Villes Soeurs”.  All clubs shoul dbe registered with the registrar of Associations.

The following activities are being organised for the welfare of the women and senior citizens:-


  • Cultural shows
  • Theatre
  • Outings
  • Adult Education
  • Seminars
  • Visit to Hospices
  • Family Day
  • Recreational Day
  • Sports and Indoor games competitions
  • Après midi dansant
  • Seminar
  • Lunch
  • Mothers Day
  • Visit to Homes


Socio-Religious and Cultural Activities

The Department is called upon to provide logistics to Socio-cultural Associations to organise cultural activities and to act as facilitator and co-ordinate assistance on the following occasions:-

  1. Christmas Celebration and December end of your festivities.
  2. Thaipoosam Cavadee
  3. Mah Shrivaratree
  4. Spring Festival
  5. Independence and Republic Day
  6. Ougadi
  7. Varusha Pirrapu
  8. Cittirai Cavadee
  9. Doorga Pooja
  10. Ram Nawmi
  11. Mother’s Day
  12. Music Day
  13. Ganesh Chaturthi
  14. Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary
  15. Fête de Pâques.
  16. Pilgrimage to Père Laval Tomb (St Croix)
  17. Consecration of Kovils/Churches/Mandirs

Other services

We have a free Hearse Service and two “brancards” which are being put at the disposal of the citizens.

General Conclusion

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our respected customers. Activities are multifarious in nature and the end result is to promote the welfare of all our citizens. Suggestions shall always be welcomed for the improvement of citizens welfare.